Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being Bear Aware and Other Stuff, Like June Goals

Happy June, y'all!

I'm thrilled that summer is here.  Tis the season to wear shorts, enjoy the outdoors, and be bear aware.

<Side note:  While out on my run today, I planned to take and ultimately post here a picture of the "Bear Aware" signs that were littering our neighborhood earlier this week, but sadly they are gone.  Perhaps we got the all clear from bear danger?>

Those signs are all over our neighborhood.  I truly love where we live, but sometimes the wildlife is a little unnerving.  I like the rabbits, deer and occasional elk that happen through our yard, but the foxes, bobcats, rattlesnakes and bears aren't as welcome.  Last week I came home from dropping off the kids at school and one of our downspouts was in the middle of our driveway.  I thought it was odd, until our neighbor told me a fox had been in my driveway trying to get a baby rabbit taking cover in said downspout.  I'm a believer in nature and the food chain and all that; I just don't like it happening on my driveway.  Sigh.  Its still worth it living here.

As seen from my kitchen window last summer.  Nothing like a little elk butt while you are making your morning coffee.

Wildlife aside, things are going well for us.  My sugar detox is complete.  I haven't had any candy, soda, or added sweetener since last week.  I feel fantastic.  I had no idea how much sugar was affecting my well-being.  And admittedly, the vain part of me enjoys the fact I'm losing some back flab.  #winning

Workouts have been great as well.  Last month I ran just over 30 miles, the first time I've hit a running goal in, oh, years.  I'm eyeing a half marathon this fall to give me a stretch goal.  I like goals.

Speaking of goals, I'm laying out my monthly goals here in an effort to keep me accountable.  Nothing like public shaming if I fall short, right?  Here's what June is looking like for me:
  • Run 40 miles - if I want to do a half, I kinda need to train for it.
  • 8 yoga sessions of 30 min or longer - yoga has been my new passion.  I discovered Tara Stiles and have been using a lot of her You Tube videos and yoga DVDs.  Its making a huge difference in my strength, flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Dedicated time daily for Bible reading & prayer - in our small group we've been studying Not a Fan, and its made me realize I need to dedicate some meaningful time to my relationship with God.
  • Post on blog 15 times - this is pretty self explanatory, no?
  • Read two books - I've lost sight of my love of reading.
  • June Projects:
    • Go through Bubba's clothes - Bubba is my oldest offspring, and growing like a weed.  His dresser is stuffed with clothes that don't fit. 
    • Go through Bean's clothes - Bean is my youngest offspring, and also growing like a weed.  His dresser has the same problem as Bubba's.
    • Sort & organize my closet - I'm not growing like a weed, but I have a cluttered closet full of clothes.  
    • Decorate Bean's room - I have a ton of prints and other knickknacks for his room, but somehow I never summon the energy to hang them.  No longer!
    • Finish cleaning out the flower beds & plant garden - the previous owners of our home did a stunning job with landscaping the yard ... but it takes a ton of work to maintain, we've learned.  
    • Organize and clean home office - I recently got set up with a home video unit for work.  I set it up in our home office, which historically has been my husband's territory.  My husband J, whom I love and adore, is a bit of a pack rat.  The office is chock full of paperwork and books and power cords and Lord knows what else (ex: I found a receipt for a hotel stay from over a year ago, a trip J didn't even go on, yet he saved the receipt.)  The room needs some purging and a little TLC.
I'd say thats plenty to keep me occupied for the month.  We've also got a couple trips and what not planned.  Definitely looking forward to this month.  Bring it on, June!

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