Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goals and Whatnot

Is it July already?

Not only is it July, it’s the 7th.  We’re a week in, people. 

The past few weeks have been a blur, a flurry, a tornado of sorts.  Birthdays, travel,  potty training, parties, work, illness, kids – I got it all in there.   We had my family come over for a BBQ on Fathers Day to celebrate, well, fathers, as well as Bubba’s 3rd birthday since we were all together.  J and I went away for an adults-only trip to Vail the following weekend, only to return to a very sick Bean.  Raging ear infection.  After two days of no work and all caregiver, I spent the rest of the week nose down in work stuff.   Last week was full of very early morning meetings while I caught up with my clients in Norway, as they all take off for vacation for the bulk of July (note to self:  I’m totally going to be Norwegian next summer and take the month off).  My in-laws arrived for a week-long visit on Wednesday, then we had the 4th of July on Thursday … you get the idea.  I have not had a moment to stop. 

I have so much to recap (which means loads of good stories for future posts!) but for now we’ll limit this to June goal progress and July goals.

So ... June results!
  • Run 40 miles – 45.13, baby!  WIN!
  • 8 yoga sessions of 30 min or longer  - I know I did at least 8.  I think I did 10.  WIN!
  • Dedicated time daily for Bible reading & prayer – FAIL.  I started out strong, then came all the June flurry and I bombed.
  • Post on blog 15 times – BWAHAHAHAHAHA.  FAIL.
  • Read two books – FAIL.  Again, see flurry.
  • June Projects:
    • Go through Bubba's clothes – FAIL.  But I’m going to count this as a neutral because since Bubba started full-fledged potty training a few weeks ago (which is enough to cover 3 new blog posts – get excited people!), I have been doing his laundry non-stop.  The fact he has clothes in his drawers at all is a small miracle.
    • Go through Bean's clothes -  WIN!
    • Sort & organize my closet - FAIL
    • Decorate Bean's room - FAIL
    • Finish cleaning out the flower beds & plant garden – Neutral.  Got the tomatoes and peppers planted, but did zero work on the flower beds.  Eh, you win some, you lose some.
    • Organize and clean home office – BWAHAHAHAHAHA.  FAIL.

Since June was kind of a wash, a lot of July's goals are going to look similar ...  
  • Run 50 miles
  • 8 yoga sessions of 30 minutes or longer
  • Dedicated time for Bible reading & prayer
  • Post on blog 10 times - I'm being a bit more realistic this month
  • Read two books - fun or business, it doesn't matter.  I need to read!
  • July projects:
    • Go through Bubba's clothes
    • Sort & organize my closet
    • Decorate Bean's room
    • Finish cleaning out flower beds
    • Organize & clean home office

I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about results this month.  Then again, it is already the 7th and I haven't done anything on this list.  

As always, I'll keep you posted ... 

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