Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Introduction

I've attempted this blog thing a few times before but I get too critical of myself and stop posting, yet I find myself thinking "if I had a blog, I'd post about <insert hilarious and entertaining observation here>."  Its time I stop over-thinking and start writing.

I have a vision of what I want this place to be, but for now I'm just going to write and see what happens.  That's the beauty of the internet - you can make it what you want it to be.

As for the title of my little corner of the interwebs ... I struggled for an appropriate title.  It was difficult to capture what I want this place to be when it has little definition.  I started to list all the things I ever wanted to write about.  As I reviewed the list, the word "haphazard" immediately came to mind.  Seemed appropriate, so I took it as my own.

I hope you enjoy.

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